If you like a good adventure , meet new cultures and make friends , here´s a good idea for  2014 :  Bike around the World!

With 60kg of luggage, you might break a sweat uphill

An interesting visit came last week at Tribo Hostel Ubatuba. It is the german Andreas  “Andy” Koehler (from Germany) , who works as a service manager at a large tech-company and decided to take an extended vacation to travel by bicycle across South-America, he shared some of his plans with us, and I have to admit I was inclined to take my bike and go with him. Andy´s trip began in Rio de Janeiro and will continue all the way to Buenos Aires, where plans to  spend Christmas , then catch a plane to Ushuaia – Argentina from where he will start his epic journey in the southern summer, biking all the way to Colombia. Using Google-maps we calculated his trip to be somewhere between 12-15 thousand kilometers. One thing is sure, you must have the courage to face a trip like this. Andy commented that before leaving Germany, he was afraid to come to Brazil because he had heard many stories about how dangerous it is here, however, after a few days in Rio de Janeiro, he realized that the warnings he heard at home were exaggerated and was surprised with the animation and hospitality of the Brazilians. Sure, he takes his precautions, such as avoiding traveling at night, ask  if there are any local area that should be avoided and other precautions any traveler should take anywhere in the world when they do not yet know the area .

But Andy confesses to a fear that he still can´t get rid of : Snakes ! And between Rio de Janeiro and Ubatuba he´d already seen two of them .

Paisagens de Ubatuba
Landscapes of Ubatuba


How did you come up with this idea?

It was an old dream that developed after his military service on a backpacking trip to the United States , where he decided to travel around the world , but not by bus or plane ,he´d do it by bike .Before starting this tour through South America, Andy had already done a good deal of biking! He went pedaling from Portugal to Turkey, in 10 weeks, he traveled 6400 km.



What do you eat to keep pedaling for so long?

Andy reports that when he arrived in Brazil, he succumbed to the temptations of the beach kiosks, mostly pastels and sugar cane juice. Besides the great availability, it was fast and tasty, but after a few days , Andy realized that his pace and power levels were decreasing because he got tired faster, so he decided to follow a new diet based on lots of salad, fruit , liquids and açai. In addition, Andy tries to stick to a regular schedule, and avoid passing too many hours without eating.

Spaghetti with vegetables, at the hostel


This is it for now , we’re expecting more news from Andy, and we will be following this amazing journey through South America