Our triple rooms hold a very high standard, and with the one king-size bed and one regular-size bed, they provide the perfect accommodation for family-vacations!


All beds include sheets, pillow and blankets, which are nicely put in place before you arrive. All  triple-rooms have ceiling-fans and their own bathrooms, complete with showers.

Triple rooms does not include towels, but you should feel you need to burrow one, we would gladly rent them to you for only $R3 per towel!

We also offer free WiFi for all our guests, reachable from the living-room as well as the bedrooms. For those who don’t travel with a computer, there is one available for your usage here at the hostel, for a small fee of only $R2 for 30 min.



from $R105 including breakfast for 3

  • Maximum occupancy: 3
  • Room size: 12 m2
  • Breakfast included: Yes

What they say about us

Incrível como um lugar é capaz de nos transformar a cada visita. Sinto saudades quando deixo minha família em casa, mas chego aqui com a certeza de quem encontrei uma nova pra suprir a falta. Se quero agito, tem… se quero sossego, também tem! Obrigado pelos dias incríveis que vocês me proporcionam cada vez que eu entro no Tribo! Que seja assim sempre.

Rennan Guiller, São Paulo, SP, Brasil — 01/02/2013 - Trip Advisor