cafe pousada ubatuba

Our breakfast consists of fruits, bread, cake, cold cuts, juices, milk, chocolate-milk, cofee and tee. In order to spare the environment, we separate all garbage produced, re-use or recycle. In the guest kitchen we therefore have a separate trash-can for each type of garbage. We count on our guests willingness to follow this simple system after cooking in our kitchen.



What they say about us

O clima de hostel propicia novas amizades e isso na Tribo acontece com muita naturalidade, muito provavelmente porque a equipe de colaboradores trabalham em harmonia, alegria e camaradagem o que contagia os hóspedes que rapidamente se sentem a vontade e buscam a companhia dos outros.

Walmira, São Paulo , Brasil — 31/01/2013 - Booking