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Photo by professional skimmer Morgan Just, during the UST World Cup skimboard contests at Sununga Beach, 2013. Thanks for the pic Morgan!

The Skimboard Paradise, Sununga Beach, located about 200 meters from Tribo Hostel, is generally considered the best beach for skimboarding in all of Brazil, and the host of the UST World Cup. It is in fact one of the best ones in the world and the first of eight spots worldwide visited every year by the United Skim Tour, UST. UST holds the world championship in skimboarding, and every year the best of the best in skimboarding get together to compete on the famous sidewaves of Sununga!


Professional skimming at Sununga
Nice rip of the wave during the UST WorldCup skim-competitions

But not only Skimboarders like Sununga, It’s a really good spot for surfing too! With the biggest waves reaching as high as 5 meters(16 feet!), this beach draws the attention of anyone who love waves!

Even though professionals do like this beach, that doesn’t mean beginners cant’t join in on the fun! Some of the best skimmers in the world learned how to skim at this beach, and children as young as 4 years old still come here to practice as soon as the sea is calm, and the waves are small enough for the little ones, aspiring to become like the pros they often watch when the waves are bigger.

Let me give you a small taste of Skimboarding on Sununga, with this video from the Worlcup including interviews with winner Sam Stinett and others!

World Cup of Skimboarding 2013 – Sununga, Brasil from Explore Ubatuba on Vimeo.

In case you get hungry from all the surfing, there are three kiosks, serving a variety of light snacks, drinks and foods. Under the parasols of these kiosks you can also sit down, have a drink and just enjoy watching the surfers, and listen to the nice tunes played in each of the kiosks.


ubatuba-hostel-luau-sununga-3 luau-sununga-ubatuba-2

Sununga Beach is also the center of the local nightlife,hosting beachparties known by the locals as “Luau”.During these Luaus, Sununga gets crowded by local youth, surfers and travelers visiting the area. Quite often there will be live music and dancing baked into the relaxed and open atmosphere of Sunungas wonderful beachparties.


Sometimes a bonfire is lit, adding immensely to the atmosphere! The Sununga Luau is one part of Brazil you really must experience!


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Estar na tribo é conhecer novas pessoas e novas culturas. Eu e minha esposa adoramos tudo lá, as pessoas, o lugar… tudo de bom… e o melhor de tudo, pertinho da praia. Podemos dizer que quando estamos lá nos sentimos em casa. Vamos sempre pra lá e cada vez que vamos gostamos mais. Gostamos muito também do luau, dos churrascos, almoços e jantares “comunitários”… rsrs… é muito bom interagir com pessoas que vivem em lugares diferentes, que falam outras linguas…. show…não deixem de visitar as 3 prais, Sununga,
Domingas Dias e Lazaro.

Julio Almeida, Osasco, SP, Brasil — 26/04/2013 - Trip Advisor