An Isolated Paradise
Relax in the water, sun or shadow – Choice is yours!

Have you ever feeled that you need to relax more on your vacations? If you have, it’s because you don’t spend enough of your vacations on Domingos Dias. As the name suggests (which roughly translates into “Sunday Mornings”), this beach is completely free from stress. Waves are small and friendly, the sand is soft, and its location isolated. This is paradise for the tired traveler, the Zen Buddhist and anyone interested in exotic animals! Apart from the numerous sea-turtels found at this beach, you will also see many tropical birds and parrots, some of them very rare throughout the world, here thriving in flocks. This relaxing paradise will bring your strengths back in no-time, and when you feel recharged and ready, why not go snorkeling?


Being the beach of choice for many Brazilian celebrities,  Domingos Dias enjoys a few extra services other beaches just don’t get. For instance it is cleaned regularly by uniformed beach-cleaners, making it the cleanest beach in Ubatuba. But this unique cleaning does not mean it lacks the standard services of other beaches! Sure there are no beach restaurants to be found, but ice-cream, lighter snacks and cold drinks can still be bought from a limited number of hand-pulled carts.



What they say about us

Incrível como um lugar é capaz de nos transformar a cada visita. Sinto saudades quando deixo minha família em casa, mas chego aqui com a certeza de quem encontrei uma nova pra suprir a falta. Se quero agito, tem… se quero sossego, também tem! Obrigado pelos dias incríveis que vocês me proporcionam cada vez que eu entro no Tribo! Que seja assim sempre.

Rennan Guiller, São Paulo, SP, Brasil — 01/02/2013 - Trip Advisor